Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Planned Parenthood Under Attack In VA

Thanks to the good folks at BlueCommonwealth for bringing this to our attention.

Anti-choice organizations are working to get Planned Parenthood defunded, entirely, and calling on the radically anti-choice Governor for help. That means no money for HIV prevention (how very "pro-life" of them!). That means no money for birth control (which is abortion to anti-choice activists). That means no money for adoption counseling and basic family planning. Yet that would do nothing about abortion, because there is already no money for abortion in the State of VA and all across the country.

Planned Parenthood has stood for years as a stronghold of reproductive justice. A place where anyone, regardless of economic or social status can receive help needed surrounding a number of reproductive issues.

This attempt to defund Planned Parenthood is 1) Cruel and 2) Baseless. This directly hurts the poorest amongst us. Planned Parenthood has never and is not using funds from the state of Virginia for abortion. There is no logic you can find to argue otherwise. This is oddly similar to the frantic, yet uninformed, anti-choice outrage
over national health care reform. The religious right faction of the conservative movement has demonstrated time and time again that it has no problem taking any means necessary to prevent abortion and make the lives of abortion providers, patients, and activists more difficult.
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