Thursday, February 25, 2010

"...people who are ALLEGEDLY wronged by our health care system..."

Harken back to 2008 and the debates between then Senator, now President Barack Obama and then Senator, still Senator John McCain.

Remember this moment:

If you will remember, women voters across the country reacted quite badly to that one. I believe "Condescending" is the nicest word you could use to describe it.

Well, Congressman Eric Cantor just landed himself one of those moments, and thanks to indiemcemopants over at Daily Kos it will not go unnoticed:
If anything proves that they're not coming to this summit in good faith, it's what Eric Cantor (R-Oblivious) just said. He claims that we can all "read letters by constituents who are allegedly wronged by our health care system."
Allegedly, Congressman? Our health care system leaves people uninsured and dying every day of every week of every month of every year. That is a fact. The stories of folks dying because they do not have basic coverage, or because their insurance company denies them treatment and flips them off on the way out (literally) are not "allegations." These are facts.

And these are facts that the Republicans have demonstrated over and over again that they have no intention of addressing. Therefore, there are only two things I take out of this summit: 1) The President is pretty good at handling tough questioning and 2) The only viable path forward if you desire any real reform of our current health care system is to pass it without Republican help.
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