Friday, February 26, 2010

Better Off Under Slavery

That is the claim from Congressman Trent Franks, that African Americans are worse off today than they were during slavery. Hat-tip to the great work of our friend Mike Stark at Stark Reports for this one:

(Beginning around 6:10)

I am sure Rep. Franks will receive a few less-than-bubbly phone calls and emails about this one!

Saddly, I was far from surprised to hear this. I have spent a good amount of time volunteering as a clinic escort as part of a documentary we are working on, Best When Boring, and this is far from the craziest stuff I have heard from the rabidly anti-choice. When we have a new escort who happens to be of color, you can guarantee that he or she will hear about this on the first day or two. It is one piece in a growing pattern amongst the anti-choice activists, and the greater conservative movement in general, to use any argument that might further their point regardless of facts, reality, or logic.
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