Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Repower America's Progressive Steps to a Green Economy

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Following up on last Tuesday's post on Field Organizing in the community, this week were going to go into organizing for clean energy in your local business community.

Green is the word on every businesses' mind. From large international corporations, to small family owned businesses, it is blatantly apparent that the economic world is changing fast and everyone involved needs to be prepared to change with it. Unfortunately, in most cases corporations and businesses are not well informed on how to make the necessary changes; Repower America is working to do just that.

Through efficient campaigning and "field programs" Repower America is informing the public on how to make the right moves. At the 2010 PA Progressive Summit and in the videos below, Repower America not only discussed the daily concerns of many businesses in regards to the evolving economy, but reviewed the proactive steps to gain support from them and why it is essential for the nation’s companies as well as its workers to turn regular jobs into green jobs.

In the following videos, Laura Vendetta discusses the best way to get businesses involved in the Repower America Campaign or your own green energy effort.
In the third video, Ms. Vendetta discusses the various ways to appeal to businesses and how to connect with them whether its through the lowest rung on the ladder, or the owner of the company. And in the final video, Ms. Vendetta covers some of the basic steps in attracting support from businesses.

Check our next Green Thoughts post this Thursday for more clean energy organizing videos.

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