Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Training Tuesday: Free/Cheep Stuff Part 2!

Okay folks, last week we posted part 1 from the Organizing 2.0 session on Free and Low Cost Online Tools. This week we have part 2 of that sessions with some great short clips. These are all great things for small organizations, campaigns, and individuals.

Easy Email Blasts and The Google Wave
<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/aJNLDtmTOFw3d3c5c3a959b18d48a0c0a2c7341dde5.htm">LinkedTube</a>

Get Free (or Cheap) Software for Your Organization or 501(c)3
<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/4Nu55wO6Oh053a579a487614b7bc3d6570bbf729013.htm">LinkedTube</a>

Cheap and Easy Donation Collecting Services
<a href="http://www.linkedtube.com/Q19QI_1hIxU55c71222b4dce57d1b356176778f042d.htm">LinkedTube</a>

Check back next week for another round of Training Tuesday!
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