Sunday, March 7, 2010

Secret Video of Actual Politico Editorial Meeting

Hat-tip to Wonkette for this find. And this, of course, on top of this actual quote out of Politico:
There is nothing we like better than ass-kicking coverage of Congress. It's the one institution open enough, transparent enough to let enterprising reporters bring government figures and action to life almost every day. One of the main reasons we started POLITICO was because we knew in our guts - and from our experience - that there was a set of reporters who had the right moves, the right instincts, the right values to do just that. And we knew if we pulled it off, POLITICO would be indispensable reading for everyone who works in Congress - or cares about the institution.

We have been accused of hyperbole once or twice, but we can safely declare: we have officially pulled it off. We can not recall a more talented and relentless group of congressional reporters in all our years of Congress-watching. You guys rock - and the past few weeks amplify why.
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