Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Single Dumbest Excuse Ever

This is not hyperbole. If you have been following the case of a school spying on students using cameras on laptops given out to students, you too heard the single dumbest excuse ever.

Here is their excuse:
The district claims that it only did so to try to track down lost or stolen laptops.
If you are not sure, yes that is the single dumbest excuse I have ever heard. Let me tell you why.

A laptop camera is nowhere close to the most effective method of finding a lost laptop. First off, it is highly likely that using the camera will do nothing to help you find it. Unless the lap top is in an easily recognizable place, that laptop camera could be useless. And here is the kicker, if you are able to access the camera, you are able to access information that is 8 trillion times more effective, the IP address. With an IP address, you can locate the computer. Anyone capable of accessing the computer's camera would know this, absolutely. They turned on the computer cameras to see what was going on there. There is no other reasonable explanation. It is a blatant and intentional violation of individual privacy, and if there is any justice the Judge will laugh them out of the courtroom if they try to make that excuse during the trial.
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