Sunday, February 14, 2010

Where Were You 6 Months Ago? - Netroots Nation Day 2 [VIDEO]

6 months ago today, after a long day 1, Sum of Change arose at 7am (after going to sleep at 5am) to drive under a mountain and over a river to day 2 of Netroots Nation 2009 in Pittsburgh. Here is a smathering of what we saw throughout the day in chronological order:

--Pennsylvania Leadership Forum (aka: Senatorial showdown of Sestak and Specter answering the same questions, although not at the same time)

-Congressman Joe Sestak on Single Payer Health Care

-Senator Specter on Progressive Issues He Can Support

-Congressman Sestak on Owing the Grassroots for Their Election Contributions

-Congressman Sestak on Fighting For Healthcare Reform

-Senator Specter on Fighting For Healthcare Reform

-Senator Specter Addressing Nate Silver and The 'Spectrometer'

-Congressman Sestak on the Don't Ask Don't Tell Policy and Marriage Equality

--Stepping It Up: Creating Powerful Multiracial Alliances With Progressive Bloggers

-Cheryl Contee and Will Coley: We Are A Nation Of Immigrants

-Cheryl Contee How White People Can Help

-Jacki Esposito: Immigration Issues and Statistics Go Unnoticed

-Jacki Esposito: Detention Isn't Just For Illegal Border Crossers

-Kyle de Beausset: Combatting 'Nativism' Online

-Kyle de Beausset: Disconnect Between Progressive & Pro Migrant Bloggers

-Rinku Sen: Comprehensive Immigration Reform Might Not Be Ideal

-Rinku Sen on Opposite Racial Images and Lasting Criminal Punishment

--Science Denial and Science Policy

-Joshua Rosenau, discussing science's "rightful place" in our country

-Michael Stebbins on How Science and Policy is Changing Under This New Administration

-Susan Wood Talking About Combating the Anti-Science Crowd

-Mark Sumner and Joshua Rosenau Discussing the Public's Stance on Science, Believing vs. Accepting

--Four Perspectives From the Social Change Blogosphere

Kety Esquivel National Council of La Raza's Online Activities

-Edmundo Rocha on Why the Immigration Issue is Important and Why Bloggers Should be Involved

-Edmundo Rocha and Prerna Lal on Debating Immigration Reform Online

-Prerna Lal Shares Her Personal Experience With the Struggle of Immigration

-David Bennion on Fighting for Immigration Reform

-David Bennion on the Immigration Battle on Capitol Hill Over the Last Five Years

--Organizing in Second Life

-Connecting Second Life With Real World Small Organizations

-Second LIfe as an Immersive Educational Opportunity

-Second Life an Opportunity for Satyrical Commentary

-Building Communities with Interactive Experiences

Day 2 was an awesome experience and we captured many diverse discussions on important progressive issues. But we were only able to make it to 4 of the 23 amazing panels all day and we want to capture many more of then of day two of Netroots Nation 2010 from Las Vegas. But to do so we are going to need your help.

Please join us, in person or online, on Sunday, February 21st, as we are begin fundraising our efforts to cover Netroots Nation 2010. Chris Hayes of The Nation, Nolan Treadway of Netroots Nation, and local grassroots organizers from inside and around the beltway will join us at a house party in Bethesda, MD. You can get more information about the event here. You can also join us live to view the event online at Sum Live Change beginning at 2:00pm on the 21st.

To see more videos from Netroots Nation 2009, please go to
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