Monday, February 15, 2010

Where Were You 6 Months Ago? - Netroots Nation Day 3 [VIDEO]

Yep. Six months ago was the last day of Netroots Nation in Pittsburgh. At this point, it was Saturday and I was running on maybe five hours of sleep since Wednesday. But we managed to stay awake long enough for another smattering of the day...

--Cutting-edge Evidence-based Best Practices:

-Regina Schwartz on Best Practices: Testing the 2008 Primary GOTV Calls

-Mary McClelland on Best Practices: Testing the Youth Vote

-Regina Schwartz on Color Campaign Lit

--Academic Studies of the Netroots:

-Chris Bowers: Misinformation on the Interet vs Television

-Dave Karpf: Hubs in Social Networking

-Dave Karpf: Who is winning YouTube?

-Matthew Kerbel & Dave Karpf: Who is ahead in the Blogosphere?

--Advocating for Reproductive Rights in the Age of Obama:

-Aimee Thorne-Thomsen on Reproductive Justice in the Age of Obama

-Jodi Jacobson on Discussing Reproductive Rights

-James Wagoner: How Our Health Statistics Stack Up

-James Wagoner: Lack of Science and Evidence in Reproductive Rights Debate

-Jodi Jacobson: Compromise Ignores the Real Issues

-Joreg Dreweke: Reproducive Issues Aren't Covered Properly

--How Technology can be Utilized to Enhance Democracy in Pittsburgh and beyond:

-Priya Narasimhan of YinzCam

-Paul Fireman of Vivo

-Brad Winney of Penopto

--Closing Keynote With Darcy Burner and Richard Trumka:

-Richard Trumka Gives Speech on Final Night of Netroots Nation '09

-Darcy Burner Gives Final Keynote at Netroots Nation '09, Intro from Markos

And then it was over.

We will be catching next summer's Netroots Nation in Vegas. We are more than doubling our efforts for it, bringing more people, more cameras, and more resources. And we could use your help. David Hart, the founder of Grow the Hope, is hosting a house meeting fundraiser for us next weekend. Join us in person if you are in the Bethesda area, or join us live online Sunday, February 21st at 2:00pm (EST).
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