Friday, August 28, 2009

Science Denial and Science Policy

Everyone knows that science and politics (really science and conservatives) have been at war recently. We have all seen the polls. We have all heard the derogatory remarks about "experts." One of the panels I attended at Netroots Nation 09 in Pittsburgh was titled 'Science Denial and Science Policy.' Today, I would like to share a handfull of moments from that panel with you.

We will start with Joshua Rosenau, discussing science's "rightful place" in our country:

Next up is Michael Stebbins on how science and policy is changing under this new administration:

Next, Susan Wood talking about combating the anti-science crowd:

And last but not least, we have Mark Sumner (Devilstower) and Joshua Rosenau discussing the public's stance on science, believing vs. accepting:

I hope you enjoyed the videos. We will be releasing more videos throughout next week, check the Sum of Change NN09 page for all our Netroots Nation coverage.

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