Saturday, May 29, 2010

DC Dem Profiles: Ward 1

This Summer, Sum of Change will be bringing you extensive coverage of D.C. local elections. To kick it off, we've been invited by D.C. for Democracy to film their pre-endorsement candidate meet n' greet on Wednesday, June 2. In preparation, we put together some bios on all the candidates that will be attending. Bios for Republican candidates for these seats will be coming shortly. To find all our current DC candidate bios, please visit our 2010 DC Election Page.

These are the Democratic Candidates for the Ward 1 Council

Councilman Jim Graham (incumbent)

From Councilman Graham's official online bio:
Jim Graham was first elected in 1998, and re-elected in 2002... In his first term on the Council, Mr. Graham chaired hearings and an investigation that uncovered major fraud and theft at the Office of Property Management. This work led to felony criminal indictments and restitution to the DC Government of millions of dollars.

In his second term, as chair of the Committee on Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Mr. Graham was a strong advocate for tenant rights and consumer protection, extending and tightening the District’s rent control laws, creating a “bill of rights” for tenants, and ending abusive, illegal evictions of tenants.

Mr. Graham is now chairman of the Committee on Public Works and Transportation. That assignment includes oversight of alcohol regulation. He is also a member of the Committee on Aging and Community Affairs, the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development and the Committee on Public Services and Consumer Affairs. Mr. Graham is a voting member of the Metro/WMATA board of directors. He has been a voting member of the board since 1999 and previously served as chairman in 2003 and 2009.

Jeff Smith

From Jeff Smith's official online bio:
Spending the past 25 years in Washington, D.C., Jeff works hard to give back to the community that’s given him so much. After receiving his undergraduate and law degree from Howard University, Jeff immediately immersed himself in community activities where he could ensure D.C.’s continued progress and growth. Jeff has worked with policy makers, and later in the classrooms of the DCPS school system and as an elected School Board Member. In 2007, Jeff became the Executive Director of DC VOICE where he continues to engage the community in DCPS issues and reform.

As a D.C. native and long time resident of Ward 1, Jeff is committed to advancing the interests of the neighborhoods and communities of D.C. in sight of what he sees as a long pattern of neglect and inadequate representation. Jeff believes his friends and neighbors in Ward 1 deserve safer neighborhoods, more responsible economic development, schools that play a central role in the life of the community, and an overall improved quality of life. These goals cannot be addressed adequately with ad hoc responses to problems as they present themselves but must be approached with attention to the broad social dynamics at the root of the challenges the community faces.

Bryan Weaver

From Bryan Weaver's official online bio:
Bryan Weaver is a long-time community activist, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC) serving in his fourth-term, and a communications professional with over 15 years of experience in progressive causes. He has worked on coalition building in local and national politics, promoting livable and affordable urban neighborhoods, crime prevention, education, community and economic empowerment, affordable housing issues and nonprofit work geared toward youth leadership development. He is a true believer in the economic and cultural diversity of Ward One and all of Washington D.C., and uses his elected office as a platform to give a voice to those who have been forgotten by the city government.

Bryan is serving is fourth term (seventh year) on the Adams Morgan Advisory Neighborhood Commission. He served as Chair for three years. An extremely active and engaged commission, it routinely deals with complex issues such as public safety; liquor licensing; building livable, urban communities; strengthening multi-cultural neighborhoods; and encouraging business development. As such, Bryan has years of leadership experience in one of the busiest, diverse and dynamic communities of Washington, D.C.
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