Saturday, May 29, 2010

DC Dem Profiles: U.S. Congressional Delegate

This Summer, Sum of Change will be bringing you extensive coverage of D.C. local elections. To kick it off, we've been invited by D.C. for Democracy to film their pre-endorsement candidate meet n' greet on Wednesday, June 2. In preparation, we put together some bios on all the candidates that will be attending. Bios for Republican candidates for these seats will be coming shortly. To find all our current DC candidate bios, please visit our 2010 DC Election Page.

These are the Democratic Candidates for U.S. Congressional Delegate

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (incumbent)

From Congresswoman Norton's official bio page:
Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, now in her tenth term as the Congresswoman for the District of Columbia, is the chair of the House Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management. She serves on three, rather than the customary two, committees: the Committee on Homeland Security, the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, and the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.
Norton is the longstanding incumbent for the position of D.C. Representative. For several decades, she has focused her political drive toward securing full representational rights for the District of Columbia in Congress. She also previously appeared on the Colbert Report.

The Congresswoman has a long history with activism. From Wikipedia:
While in college and graduate school, Norton was active in the civil rights movement and an organizer for theStudent Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. By the time Norton graduated from Antioch, she had already been arrested for organizing and participating in sit-ins in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Ohio.

Doug Sloan

From Doug Sloan's official bio page:
Douglass Sloan is a native Washingtonian and currently owns a public affairs consulting firm, Sloan Consulting, LLC, in Washington, D.C. Sloan Consulting provides consulting services to non-profit and community development corporations, real estate developers, and various businesses in the Washington Metropolitan area.
Sloan is the current Democratic challenger for the U.S. Congressional Delegate seat for the District of Columbia. Also a vocal supporter of DC statehood, Sloan has recently advocated drastic measures to pressure lawmakers:
"If you really want to talk civil unrest, if you want to talk about shutting the city down and doing something that's really going to get Congress' attention, there's about six or seven bridges between D.C. and Virginia," Sloan said on The Politics Program With Mark Plotkin on WTOP Friday.
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