Thursday, March 4, 2010

Green Thoughts: Your Home Ventilation Strategies and ERV Installation [VIDEO]

So for that last few Green Thoughts posts, we've been discussing the importance of sealing down your building shell to ensure that you are keeping and breathing your clean conditioned air inside your home and blocking the dirty, unconditioned air from entering. But that is only the first step and there are other issues that can arise from sealing up all those gaps. Closing your building shell, though vitally important, can actually create other problems in your home that will need fixing. Sealing up all the leaks in your home is great for preventing your the inside conditioned air from mixing with the dirty outside air, but it can prevent air from properly cycling through the home.

You want the air in your home to change several times a day, otherwise you are stuck living in the same stale air all day. When you're in a leaky home, this is going to happen easily, since air is leaking in and out of the house all day. But in a closed down home, the building shell can actually become 'too tight' and prevent the air from cycling enough times everyday. In this video, Jason from Edge Energy discusses ways to ensure that this does not happen to your home. There are several different things you can do, but in this video, Jason will especially mention an ERV, also known as an Energy (or Enthalpy) Recovery Ventilator. An ERV changes the air in your home at a constant level while transferring the heat and energy of the exiting air to the incoming air. This way you can maintain a constant flow of air without overworking and overusing your HVAC system.

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Full Disclosure: EDGE Energy hired us, as Sum of Change not individuals, to produce several videos for them including the ones in this post. We have not been hired to distribute, recommend, or advertise for EDGE Energy, rather we are using these videos to explain a vital service and we appreciate them letting us do so.

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