Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'The Morrill Plan' for a Heathy Progressive Future

In continuing our coverage of the Pennsylvania Progressive Summit (,  I'd like to bring to you excerpts of a one of the speeches by Michael Morrill, the executive director of Keystone Progress, the main organizers of the conference (  Here, Mr Morrill outlines his 4 points for a permanent progressive minority in Pennsylvania (and in the US) in, as he says, his humbly named "Morrill Plan".  In continuing of a vertebrae related theme from William McNary's speech we released last week, his fist point is to GROW A SPINE.  Democrats have a huge majority, even if it is no longer a super majority, and they have to start acting like it by taking control.

Secondly, progressives must remember that NOT ALL DEMOCRATS ARE PROGRESSIVE.  Several democrats aren't going to vote for progressive values and it may be easier to engage and work with a moderate Republican or Independent than a moderate Democrat.  Thirdly, the opposite is also true: NOT ALL PROGRESSIVES ARE DEMOCRATS.  Even if people don't identify themselves as progressives, many common American values are progressive and there is a lot more support for progressive issues from people who don't identify themselves as progressive than we may think.

Finally, to expand upon and paraphrase Bill Clinton's mantra from the early 90s, IT'S ABOUT JOBS, STUPID.  There are a lot of important issues in America that have to be addressed, but until we can create jobs, people are going to be more concerned about fighting for their own survival than fighting for what is best for America.

-- Grow A Spine

-- Not All Democrats Are Progressives

-- Not All Progressives Are Democrats

-- It's About Jobs Stupid

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