Thursday, February 11, 2010

Green Thoughts: Sealing & Insulating Your Attic

Once you have had an energy audit and know where your building shell is leaking and where your insulation is lacking, the next step is to fill those gaps and properly insulate your home. Fully isolating and insulating your living space from storage space and the outside will keep the clean and conditioned air inside your home and prevent the dirty exterior air from entering the space where you live and breathe. Though many homeowners initially think that their windows are responsible for their building shell issues, the attic is more likely to be the culprit.

Sealing the attic is not a simple challenge- it takes a lot more than simply blowing insulation. Insulation is important, but if gaps leaking air underneath the insulation, then your insulation is worthless. Worse, if you have fiberglass insulation, unhealthy particles will seep into your breathable air. Properly sealing your attic is more complicated than that and, as you'll find out in the video, it is a multi step process. But getting it done is a major step in the retrofit process.

Full Disclosure: EDGE Energy hired us, as Sum of Change not individuals, to produce several videos for them including the ones in this post. We have not been hired to distribute, recommend, or advertise for EDGE Energy, rather we are using these videos to explain a vital service and we appreciate them letting us do so.

Please come back to next Thursday for more videos explaining the energy audit and retrofit process.
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