Saturday, January 23, 2010

Talk About Me, But Not With Me

As expected, conservatives are bashing the media for not giving their March for Life wall-to-wall coverage and canceling all commercial breaks or previously scheduled programs to hear their ranting. As I said, this was completely expected. Even with Fox News taking out huge newspaper ads and giving the teabaggers billions of dollars worth of free advertising, they still complained, so this is no surprise.

This is typical, if the media shows up, scream at them and call them biased, and if the media does not show up, scream at them and call them biased.

But there is one thing you do not get to do. You do not get to distribute a pdf instructing all of the marchers not to talk to anyone who is "with the press" and then complain that there is not enough coverage.

Why on earth should a journalist show up if you are telling everyone to ignore them?

I will tell you this, we did send reporters to cover the event. And we are editing our footage as I write this, well, my business partner is editing the footage. So we are covering their event. However, after seeing the interviews, I can tell why they instruct marchers not to talk with the press: these folks have no idea what they are talking about. A literal quote, "We don't have to have facts or figures."
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