Monday, January 18, 2010

Short Video: Teach Your Friends To Make Calls Online For Coakley

Yesterday, we attended a Grow the Hope (GTH) house meeting with their Rapid Response team, Organizing for America (OFA 2.0), and the Carrots and Sticks Project. After the meeting everyone decided to stick around and make calls into MA to help elect Martha Coakley in the race for Ted Kennedy's former Senate seat. We took a moment before leaving to talk with Jon Randall, Maryland's 8th district liaison from OFA 2.0, and we put together this video, quickly detailing how to make phone calls online to support Coakley:

Got that?
1: Got to MyBO and login, or sign up. Then open another tab, or page, and go to
2: Make Calls.

Easy enough? Your calls can make the difference.

And just in case you are wondering whether or not you can actually make a difference making calls, here is some math for you:
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