Saturday, December 26, 2009 Against Filibuster Before They Were For It

Over at, they have a front page post up titled, The Filibuster is Essential For Democracy, where they argue:
The filibuster is essential for democracy, because it protects Americans from a tyranny of the majority, whether that majority be Democrats or Republicans.
What is hilarious, is that they did not even bother to do a quick google search to see what they might have said about the filibuster before:
The magic number is 51. It takes 51 votes to change the rule to ensure that the President's judicial nominations can be confirmed with a majority of 51 votes. From Ramesh Ponnuru at NRO's The Corner comes word that he has heard "that Republicans now have at least 50 votes to change the rules--which means at least 51 if you add Cheney."


If Frist doesn't go through with the rule change, though, I'm going to stop accepting his telephone calls.
I mean, seriously. When on earth will mainstream conservatives learn how to use "teh google"?
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