Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Really Operation Rescue?

Do you get the same reaction when you read this paragraph from an email Operation Rescue sent out? It was an email announcing that Operation Rescue is honoring the life of James Pouillon as OR's 2009 person of the year. (emphasis mine)
Mr. Pouillon was a long-time pro-life street activist from Owosso, Michigan, who was gunned down on September 11, 2009, as he protested abortion outside Owosso High School. A local man, Harlan Drake, has admitted to targeting Mr. Pouillon for death because he did not agree with his views on abortion.

Wait, what? "Admitted to targeting Mr. Pouillon for death because he did not agree with his views on abortion"? Seriously? For those of you that are not completely familiar with this story. Harlan Drake was the man who recently gunned down two people, and planned to go after a third. They were based on grudges, all having a different motive.

Harlan Drake has admitted that he was "offended" by James Pouillon's anti-choice demonstrations, but the admission had little to do with Mr. Pouillon's views. Harlan Drake said he was offended by "the fact that [Mr. Pouillon] was outside the high school with his signs in front of children going to school," according to the county's chief assistant prosecutor, Sara Edwards. Let me repeat that, the chief assistant prosecutor, you know, the person arguing against Mr. Drake, not some pro-choice activist, said that he was offended that Mr. Pouillon was outside a school with his signs.

And what were these signs? "Graphic fetus images".

Keep this in mind. Harlan Drake has said nothing about being offended by anti-choice beliefs, he has admitted to being offended by someone holding up huge "graphic fetus images" outside a school. Definitely not an excuse for murder. But murder is no excuse for OR to go around lying in order to drum up political support.

Now, before some anti-choice nuts yell at me, I am not saying that James Pouillon should not be OR's person of the year (I am in no position to make any judgement on who they choose as their person of the year). However, I will not keep silent when they send a blatant lie to my inbox.
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