Friday, August 14, 2009

(VIDEOS) Netroots Nation Day 2: Dean, Specter, Sestak... Oh My!

It's 11:15pm on Friday night. I'm running on 5 hours of sleep since Wednesday (only 1.5 of which was last night). We are filming all day, and editing all night. On Friday morning, we released 11 short videos covering day 1. Today, we have another stack of videos for you covering day 2, plus some more videos from day 1. We filmed a health care town hall with Governor Howard Dean, a Pennsylvania Leadership Forum with Senator Arlen Specter and Congressman Joe Sestak, a media availability with the Congressman, and four more panels. It was another busy day.

One of the panels that I filmed on Friday was "Organizing in Second Life and Other Virtual Environments." I was not exactly sure what to expect, but I had become intrigued with Netroots Nation in Second Life or NNinSL. Before we decided to apply for press credentials for NN'09, I had planned on attending some of the events in Second Life.

Anyways, I show up to find that more than half the panel is joining us in Second Life, and they'll be feeding from my camera, live at the Second Life Netroots Nation stadium. The panel, turned out to be very exciting. One point that really drove home with me was this, the more communication the better. Blogging has rapidly expanded our ability to communicate, and most notably in politics, to hold politicians and news organization accountable. What Second Life does, is provides us with that same ability to communicate, only your voice is there, and you have an image. And while your image may not be real, it is that association of voice, image, thoughts and ideas, that drive each moment deeper into your memory.

The panel left me convinced to start up a Second Life account just as soon as we return from Pittsburgh. We'll also be providing you with coverage of this panel shortly (but not today).
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