Saturday, August 1, 2009

Palin Divorce? Even More Geniusy Than Her Resignation?

Before we start this, this story is not about the divorce. We at Sum of Change have no idea if that rumor, and it is just a rumor right now, is anywhere close to true. This blog is purely a comment on the Palin supporters that defend the divorce as political genius.

When one is able to ignore reality with as much skill as the Palin conservatives, it is just impressive. And this little post truly shines as an example of a top of the line, professional celebration of ignorance:
I think this is a great move. Palin could end up as a US Senator from Montana and help fight back the Democrat Socialists for decades. Air America, CNN, CNBC, NBC and the NY Times will have to send their liberal hack reporters to Montana to cover the stories unfolding. Dennis Miller will offer some great support for Palin’s move. John and Kate did it.
You have to wonder what it would take from Palin for these wacko's to say it is anything but pure genius. I mean, seriously. She gives a rambling, confusing speech to announce her resignation, gives a final speech that pretty much says "I hate you guys, I'm going home", resigns, and may be getting a divorce... it's all pure political genius!!!
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