Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthers Don't Want the Truth

It is clear as day, the birthers are looking to prove that President Obama is not a citizen, they are not looking for the truth. For most people, that statement has been obvious for a while. But the recent release of President Obama's "real" copy of his "real" Kenyan birth certificate really highlights the birthers' ability to ignore fact and reason.

(click to enlarge)

We will set aside several facts about this "real" birth certificate. Let us ignore that it says "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth" and not "Birth Certificate." We will ignore that these freepers should be yelling "That's not a birth certificate, it's a copy! Show me the original!" We will ignore that it says the "Republic" of Kenya, though it is dated 10 months before it became a Republic (I guess that was retroactive or something?). We will ignore that it is dated years after President Obama was born. We will ignore all that.

There is one thing about this whole scene that is truly symbolic of the utter insanity, the blind neglect of reason behind the birther movement. Let us look at what the freepers said about the site where this photo was released:

here’s what i got:

warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! - the page you are about to visit may be a web forgery!

"This web site may harm your computer!" Essentially, their computer is saying, shouting rather, "Stop! This site is dangerous!"
obots are at work. my mozilla browser said the site has been reported infected, but i ignored the warning.
Yes, ignore the warning from your computer. Blindly jump after something that might, just might, prove your suspicion to be correct, regardless of whether or not you risk damage to your computer. That is how insane these people are about proving President Obama was born in Kenya. They are not looking for the truth, they are looking to get rid of him, regardless of anything else.
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