Friday, May 7, 2010

Maryland Leads the Way, Yet Again

cross-posted from Sum of Change

Sometimes, Maryland is the unrecognized progressive capitol of our country. The first affordable housing laws on the books, some of the nation's best public schools, a good living wage law, and one of the first states to write legislation protecting the right to access a clinic entrance.

Earlier this year, Baltimore followed in this fine tradition, becoming the first city to mandate that crisis pregnancy centers inform women that they do not provide abortion. Crisis pregnancy centers are religious activist organizations that prey on pregnant women. They impersonate medical centers and trick women into thinking they are experts of reproductive health care.

In truth, these religious advocacy groups have one goal: prevent women from having abortions by any means:

From now on, in Baltimore city, these organizations will have to be more honest about who they are. This is a good start.
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