Thursday, April 8, 2010

Green Thoughts: Field Organizing in the Community (Part 2)

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To follow up on our post in this week's Training Tuesday, I'd like to present you with a few more videos with tips on organizing for green energy in your community.  The tactics and principles hold true to any type of campaign, whether issues or candidate based, but since the panel is on organizing for clean energy, we're going to focus on that issue.  This panel was more or less hosted by Repower America,  (the moderator and every panelist works for them) and the speaker in all of these clips, Alicia Gurdus, is a field organizer for them.  This is part two (of two) of our selections from her remarks.  Check our post from this past Training Tuesday for part 2.

The videos in this post go into the different kinds of discussions you will have with people who you are trying to get to help your campaign, not (financially) support it.  These people can be broken down into two different types.  First, the community leaders and elected officials that can bring community or legislative assistance.  Both leaders and officials are critically important to the influence and success of your campaign and you want to make sure treat them that way.

The other kinds of helpers who you will speak to are those volunteers and team leaders who are helping you in the office and in the field.  They are not only the life blood of your campaign but they are speaking int the public in your support.  These are the people that will do your job for your or make your job impossible, so making sure that your workers and are interested and invested in your issue will greatly help your efforts.  However, not every volunteer you find will work out, and so in the final video Alicia goes into ways to deal with problem volunteers who are more interested in saying they are helping then in actually doing so.

--Speaking With Commuinity Leaders and Elected Officials

--Working With Potential Volunteers and Team Leaders

--Dealing With Problem Volunteers

Click Here to see Part 1 on 'Field Organizing in the Community'. Next week, Training Tuesday and Green Thoughts on Thursday will move on to look at field organizing with in your local business community.

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