Friday, January 15, 2010

Indoctrination of Youth: Not Just for Commie-Nazis! (IOKIYAR)

If President Obama is indoctrinating our youth, then the National Right to Life's camp is brainwashing on steroids.
If everyone who reads this article takes the time to invest in just one young person, imagine the political and social landscape in our nation just five or ten years from now.

Here's what you can do.

If you are a state affiliate of National Right to Life: get excited about youth! We have resources and advisors available to help you plan teen conventions, rallies, and even camps. Our National Teens for Life Convention every summer provides tons of educational information for teens.

Send us a few key teens from your state and we will give them back ready to spread the word about life.
(emphasis mine)

Imagine, for a moment, that this group was NARAL, a pro-choice organization. Imagine the outcry from our conservative friends were a liberal organization calling on people to "Send us a few key teens from your state and we will give them back ready to spread the word about [insert issue here]."

Now, this would be no big deal whatsoever, if the NRLC had not put out this message about President Obama "indoctrinating" our youth back in September:
Just checking my e-mail today when I ran across a story from today's Salt Lake Tribune headlined, "Parents upset over 'leftist propaganda' video: Principal Apologies for showing 'I Pledge' to students." (The headline is intended to marginalize the parents, but what else is new?)

Maybe lots of people have seen the 4 minute, 18 second, "I Pledge" video put together by Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, but I hadn't. Looking online, I guess it first popped up in January.

And if it were being shown to adults, that's fine. Presumably they would have chosen to watch the video whose theme is "service."

We're told in the story that's why the local PTA chose the video to show at an assembly--in their minds it harmonized with the school's theme for the year--even though the elementary school principal hadn't seen it, according to the school district's spokesman.

Along with stuff no one could possibly object to, like feeding the hungry, the video is larded with the usual PC drivel. But, again, that's fine if we aren't talking about indoctrinating six-year-olds into pledging "to advance stem cell research" and to "be of service to Barack Obama," and (in case we missed it the first time), "I pledge to be a servant to our president and all mankind."
To sum up, when our President calls on school children to take part in serving your country, that is indoctrination, but when a conservative organization calls on you to send them "a few key teens" from your state, so that they can "give them back ready to spread the word about life," that is just fine and dandy. And if all this confuses you, just keep in mind the golden rule: It's Okay If You're A Republican (IOKIYAR)
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