Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Training Tuesday: Voter Contact Methods

This week, we decided to change our plans a little bit and post about the best way to contact voters...

Reaching your potential voters is (obviously) vitally important to any campaign. But what is the best way to reach this crucial audience? This week, Kendra Sue Derby from Democracy for America's Campaign Academy is going to speak about four methods of reaching voters, some of which you should try and some you should avoid. First, she'll talk about direct voter contact, such as canvassing (which she favors) and mailings, which allow to personally speak with, and listen to, your potential voters. Next, she'll talk about online resources, such as websites, Facebook, youtube, blogs, etc, which can be great for your supporters, but might not sway the opinion of an undecided. The last two videos are about items that some volunteers love, but aren't going to win you any elections, lawn signs and chum (promotional items such as hats, frisbees, wooden nickels, and anything else you can print you name on).

--Canvasing and Mail

--Online Resources

--Yard Signs


Learn more about Democracy For America's Campaign Academy:www.DemocracyForAmerica.com/Training

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