Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Training Tuesday: Online Organizing DFA Style

Matt Blizek, of Democracy for America (DFA), was kind enough to allow Sum of Change to bring a camera to the recent DFA Campaign Academy in Gettysburg, PA. The Campaign Academy was founded in 2004, and serves to "focus, network, and train grassroots activists in the skills and strategies to take back our country," We will be bringing you highlights from different panels for the next several Tuesdays, but for this first Training Tuesday we have something special. This is the only training session that we will be airing in full. We will still bring you highlights from many other trainings, but if you would like to see more of them in full, you will have to attend a DFA Campaign Academy training.

Online organizing has sent shock waves through the political community over the last five years. And DFA was on the front lines throughout. So, without further ado, I present to you, Matt Blizek and Online Organizing:

This first video is the entire panel, it is an hour long but definitely worth the watch if you are doing any online organizing:

From the highlight reel, let's start with Matt's story about his first political contribution:

Matt Blizek on online message delivery:

Here, Matt talks a little bit about the national reach of the internet:

We'll be releasing more videos from DFA's Campaign Academy every Tuesday for the next several weeks at Sum of Change. Check back next Training Tuesday at 6:00pm for the next installment. You can also sign up to get an email alert when we release new Sum of Change videos. And please look into DFA's Campaign Academy.
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