Thursday, September 17, 2009

President Obama Speaks at College Park

Today, I was lucky enough to see President Obama speak at the University of Maryland. I was not attending this event as a Sum of Change reporter by any means, I merely went to hear the President speak. I did, however, catch a few pictures with my blackberry storm. Like many other progressives, I have been somewhat frustrated throughout this fight. Frankly, I just will not settle for less than the public option. Ideally, I support single payer, but I am willing to compromise if, and only if, there is a robust public option to compete with private insurance. And I absolutely will not stand for a mandate without a strong public option.

So I came into today hopeful, yet frustrated at what the debate has become. Frustrated with just over a dozen Senators holding the public
option hostage. As usual, however, I am coming out of today fired up, and ready to go. I will be making calls with OFA 2.0 later tonight. It is time, once again to lay it all on the table. As David Hart, the founder of Grow the Hope, would say, "Electing a smart and moral man as our President was an important first step, but it is not enough."

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