Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Michael Moore's Brinks Job with Bankers in Tow

Sum of Change and Zej Media are proud to present to you, Michael Moore's Brinks Job, with bankers in tow...

On Tuesday, September 29th, in Washington, DC, Michael Moore premiered his new documentary, a gripping critique of our economy, titled, "Capitalism: A Love Story". Moore arrived at DC's Uptown Theatre in a brinks armored car, with three bank executives in chains in the back. The men marched through the crowd of protesters, who chanted "Fund health care not wealthcare!" and "Boo the banks!"

Moore's attention-grabbing, hard-hitting entrance is symbolic of his films. He employs powerful, if sometimes extreme, tactics to highlight aspects of an issue. On Tuesday night, his arrival at the premiere highlighted the bailed out banks, and CEO's walking away with the public's money. The business men in chains light cigars with burning money, decked out in tuxedos. It was everything you expect from Moore, a fun and entertaining, yet important message.

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