Monday, August 17, 2009

(VIDEO) Netroots Nation '09: How Technology can be Utilized to Enhance Democracy in Pittsburgh and beyond

One of the last events of the weekend, was a panel on the fun and interesting things going on with technology, and what effect that will have on our democracy. Technology inevitably comes into conflict and cooperation with our democracy. Technology has made it easier than ever for our government to drop spying nets, to monitor us. Yet technology has also brought us the dashboard cop camera, causing many bad officers to be caught red handed. The speakers in these videos are going to talk about the latter kind of relationship between government and the citizenry, how we can use new technologies to further empower, educate, and change the world...

I hope you enjoyed these. We will be releasing plenty more videos over the coming weeks, including almost entire coverage of certain panels. You can find the list of events that we filmed and see all our current videos at our Netroots Nation page.
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